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Maximilian house-shaped meterbox key. Utility key for items such as radiators, meterboxes,?street poles. The dimensions for the opening is a square shape with 8 mm edges. ABS Plastic.

SKU: SM70197 Category: Product ID: 40383


Maximilian House-Shaped Meterbox Key, a versatile and practical utility key designed to provide easy access to items such as radiators, meter boxes, and street poles. This key is essential for maintenance tasks and various utility-related operations.

Crafted from high-quality ABS Plastic, the Maximilian Meterbox Key is durable and built to withstand regular use. Its sturdy construction ensures it can handle the demands of various utility applications.

The key features a square-shaped opening with 8 mm edges, allowing it to fit perfectly into the corresponding openings of radiators, meter boxes, and street poles. This ensures a secure grip and easy operation when accessing these utility items.

The house-shaped design adds a touch of charm and personality to the key, making it a memorable and engaging accessory for your recipients.

With its functionality and practicality, the Maximilian House-Shaped Meterbox Key is a valuable giveaway for utility companies, maintenance teams, or any business associated with utility operations.

Experience the convenience and utility of the Maximilian House-Shaped Meterbox Key, providing easy access to utility items and making maintenance tasks a breeze. Embrace the durability and engaging design of this key, showcasing your logo or brand for maximum visibility and impact.

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