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Ballpoint pen set with exclusive design, consisting of three ballpoint pens with colour accent. The ballpoint pen with the blue aluminium plate is preloaded with a blue refill, while the other two pens are preloaded with a black refill. Packed in a black gift box. Bamboo wood, Aluminium.

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A trio of finely crafted ballpoint pens with a distinct and elegant design. This set includes three ballpoint pens, each with a unique color accent, housed in a black gift box for a luxurious presentation.

The ballpoint pens feature an exquisite design with a combination of bamboo wood and aluminum elements, adding a touch of natural beauty and sophistication to the set.

The set includes three pens with different color accents. The ballpoint pen with the blue aluminum plate comes preloaded with a blue refill, providing a smooth and effortless writing experience in rich blue ink. The other two pens feature black accents and are preloaded with black refills, perfect for all your everyday writing needs.

The combination of bamboo wood and aluminum creates a harmonious blend of eco-friendly elegance and contemporary style. The bamboo wood adds warmth and a unique texture to the pens, while the aluminum accents provide a sleek and modern touch.

All three ballpoint pens in the set are meticulously designed for comfort and ease of use. With their ergonomic grip and smooth writing capabilities, these pens are a joy to write with, making them an ideal choice for professionals, writers, or anyone who appreciates a superior writing instrument.

Presented in a black gift box, this Ballpoint Pen Set exudes sophistication and is ready to be gifted on any special occasion. Whether it’s for corporate gifting, a milestone celebration, or a thoughtful gesture of appreciation, this exclusive Ballpoint Pen Set is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Choose this exceptional set to experience the perfect blend of exclusive design, eco-friendly materials, and a delightful writing experience. Elevate your writing and gifting with the Ballpoint Pen Set that reflects your impeccable taste and appreciation for quality.

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