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Beam LED Torch

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A bright idea for your next promotion, this LED torch is made from natural bamboo with an ABS plastic head and inner and split ring cord which is pulled to activate the light. This practical promotional product has a naturally beautiful eco-friendly bamboo finish which will make a great backdrop to your company logo. Available in natural with black trim.

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Introducing our innovative LED torch, the perfect bright idea for your next promotional campaign. This unique torch is crafted with a combination of natural bamboo and durable ABS plastic, making it an eco-friendly and practical product that stands out from the crowd.

The torch features a sleek and smooth natural bamboo body, exuding a touch of elegance and environmental consciousness. Its eco-friendly finish complements the modern design, showcasing your commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices. The combination of bamboo and ABS plastic creates a harmonious balance of aesthetics and functionality, ensuring that this promotional item is both visually appealing and built to last.

To activate the light, simply pull the split ring cord, providing a fun and interactive experience for users. The innovative design eliminates the need for batteries or complicated switches, making it hassle-free and easy to use. This practical feature ensures that your customers will be delighted by the simplicity and effectiveness of this torch.

With its naturally beautiful bamboo finish, this torch serves as the perfect backdrop to showcase your company logo or branding. Your logo will stand out against the warm and earthy tones of the bamboo, creating a visually striking and memorable promotional product that leaves a lasting impression on recipients.

Available in a classic combination of natural bamboo with black trim, this torch appeals to a wide audience, making it an ideal promotional giveaway for various events, trade shows, or corporate gifts. Whether your target audience consists of nature enthusiasts, eco-conscious individuals, or simply anyone who appreciates a well-designed and functional tool, this LED torch is sure to captivate their hearts.

As a practical and environmentally-friendly promotional item, this LED torch not only illuminates your customer’s path but also sheds light on your brand’s commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices. Light up your next promotion with this eco-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and functional torch that promises to brighten the way for your brand and leave a lasting impression on your valued customers.

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