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Allegro LED keychain light with coin holder. 1 euro sized plastic coin with ? 6mm hole in holder with single white LED key light. ? 25mm metal split key ring. Batteries included and inserted. ABS Plastic.

SKU: SM77617 Category: Product ID: 40161


Allegro LED Keychain Light with Coin Holder, a practical and versatile accessory designed to provide illumination and convenience on the go. This keychain features a 1 euro sized plastic coin holder with a 6mm hole, allowing you to carry a coin with ease.

The keychain is equipped with a single white LED key light, providing a bright and efficient source of light in dark situations. The LED light ensures you have visibility and convenience whenever you need it, whether it’s searching for keys, unlocking doors, or finding items in your bag.

A 25mm metal split key ring securely holds your keys, making it a reliable and essential addition to your keychain collection.

The keychain comes with batteries included and inserted, saving you the hassle of purchasing and installing them separately.

Crafted from durable ABS plastic, the Allegro LED Keychain Light with Coin Holder is designed to withstand daily use, ensuring its longevity and functionality.

Whether you’re using the coin holder to keep a spare euro coin handy or using the LED light to brighten up your surroundings, this keychain offers both practicality and convenience in one compact package.

Experience the convenience of having a coin holder and LED light on your keychain, making the Allegro LED Keychain Light with Coin Holder the perfect companion for everyday use. Embrace functionality, durability, and efficiency with this essential ABS plastic keychain.

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