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Cable ties with hook and loop closure to keep cables neat and organized. The cable ties are pre-cut so you can easily tear off the desired length. Total length is 100 cm. Delivered with a protective case for easy carrying. Nylon.

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The cable ties with hook and loop closure are a practical and convenient solution for keeping cables neat and organized. Here are the key features of these cable ties:

  1. Hook and Loop Closure: The cable ties feature a hook and loop closure, providing a secure and adjustable fastening to bundle and organize cables effectively.
  2. Pre-Cut Design: The cable ties are pre-cut, allowing users to tear off the desired length easily. This makes them versatile and suitable for various cable management needs.
  3. Total Length: The total length of the cable ties is 100 cm, offering ample length to handle multiple cables or longer cords.
  4. Protective Case: The cable ties are delivered with a protective case, providing a convenient and easy way to carry them while on the go. The case helps keep the cable ties organized and prevents them from getting tangled with other items.
  5. Nylon Material: The cable ties are made from durable nylon material, ensuring longevity and resistance to wear and tear.
  6. Versatile Use: These cable ties are suitable for organizing various types of cables, cords, wires, and other items in homes, offices, workshops, or during travel.
  7. Reusable: The hook and loop closure allows for multiple uses, making these cable ties a cost-effective and environmentally friendly cable management solution.

In summary, the cable ties with hook and loop closure provide a simple yet effective way to keep cables and cords neat and organized. The pre-cut design and total length of 100 cm make them versatile for various cable management needs. The protective case adds to their convenience and portability, allowing users to carry them easily while traveling or on the move. Made from durable nylon, these cable ties are a reliable and reusable solution to declutter and tidy up cable arrangements in any setting.

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