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Aber Stationary Set

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Eco stationery set housed in a 200gsm recycled paper box includes 5 must-have desk items. 15cm (6in) poplar wooden ruler, recycled paper and PLA plastic ball pen, wooden graphite pencil, white TPR eraser and wooden sharpener. Perfect for use at home, school or in the office and would make the ideal giveaway for conferences and events. Available with black trim and natural box.

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The eco stationery set is a thoughtful and sustainable collection of desk items, ideal for various settings. Here are the key features of this eco-friendly stationery set:

Recycled Paper Box: The set is housed in a 200gsm recycled paper box, showcasing the commitment to eco-consciousness and sustainability.

Poplar Wooden Ruler: The set includes a 15cm (6in) poplar wooden ruler, providing a sturdy and environmentally friendly option for measuring and drawing.

Recycled Paper and PLA Plastic Ball Pen: The ball pen in the set is made from recycled paper and PLA (polylactic acid) plastic, further promoting the use of sustainable materials.

Wooden Graphite Pencil: The set features a wooden graphite pencil, offering a classic and eco-friendly writing tool.

White TPR Eraser: The set includes a white TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber) eraser, perfect for correcting mistakes and keeping notes neat.

Wooden Sharpener: The set also contains a wooden sharpener, providing a convenient and sustainable way to keep your pencils sharp.

Black Trim and Natural Box: The stationery set is available with black trim, providing an elegant contrast to the natural recycled paper box.

In summary, the eco stationery set is an excellent choice for those who value sustainability and eco-friendly products. The use of recycled paper and materials like PLA plastic and wood showcases a commitment to reducing environmental impact. This set is versatile and perfect for use at home, school, or in the office, making it an ideal giveaway for conferences and events. With its 5 must-have desk items, this eco-friendly stationery set is both practical and eco-conscious, making it a thoughtful and responsible choice for yourself or as a gift for others.

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