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A6 Mole Mate Duo

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2-in-1 A6 Mole Notebook with a matching Mole Mole Mate Ball Pen, sourced to perfectly colour coordinate. The notebook features 80 lined sheets, back pocket, pen loop, elasticated closure and bookmark. The Mole Mate Ball Pen has a satin finish and black ink.

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The 2-in-1 A6 Mole Notebook with a matching Mole Mate Ball Pen is a stylish and functional stationery set designed for convenience and coordination. Here are the key features of this notebook and pen combination:

A6 Size: The notebook and pen set is in A6 size, making it compact and easy to carry in a pocket, bag, or purse.

Notebook Features: The notebook includes 80 lined sheets, offering ample space for writing notes, to-do lists, or any other organized writing.

Back Pocket: The notebook is equipped with a back pocket, providing a convenient place to store loose papers, business cards, or small notes.

Pen Loop: The notebook features a pen loop, ensuring that the matching Mole Mate Ball Pen is securely attached, so you always have a pen ready whenever you need to write.

Elasticated Closure: The notebook has an elasticated closure, keeping the pages securely closed when not in use, protecting your writings.

Bookmark: A bookmark is included, making it easy to find and return to the current page or any important sections in the notebook.

Mole Mate Ball Pen: The set includes a matching Mole Mate Ball Pen, perfectly coordinated with the notebook’s design and color.

Satin Finish and Black Ink: The Mole Mate Ball Pen features a satin finish and writes in black ink, providing a smooth and reliable writing experience.

In summary, the 2-in-1 A6 Mole Notebook with a matching Mole Mate Ball Pen set offers both style and functionality. The notebook’s lined sheets, pen loop, back pocket, elasticated closure, and bookmark provide convenience and organization for your writing needs. The perfectly coordinated Mole Mate Ball Pen adds a touch of elegance to the set. Whether for personal use or as a gift, this stationery combination is a practical and attractive choice for jotting down notes, ideas, or anything on the go, making it an excellent addition to your office, school, or personal stationery collection.

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