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A5 Harriet Diary

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A5 PU soft finish 80 sheet lined diary with 2 days per page from January to December with no year included, ribbon bookmark, heavy duty back card pocket for securing business cards and loose notes, elastic pen loop and elastic closure.

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The A5 PU soft finish diary is a stylish and functional planner designed to help you stay organized throughout the year. Here are the key features of this diary:

Size: The diary is A5 in size, making it compact and easy to carry in a bag or backpack.

PU Soft Finish: The cover of the diary is made from PU material with a soft finish, providing a sleek and professional look while also offering durability.

80 Sheet Lined Pages: The diary contains 80 sheets of lined pages, allowing ample space for jotting down notes, to-do lists, appointments, and other important information.

2 Days per Page: Each page in the diary includes two days, making it easy to plan and organize your schedule on a daily basis.

January to December: The diary spans from January to December, helping you stay organized throughout the year.

No Year Included: The diary does not include any specific year, allowing you to use it for any year you choose without the pages going to waste.

Ribbon Bookmark: The diary features a ribbon bookmark, making it easy to find and flip to the current date or important pages.

Heavy Duty Back Card Pocket: The back cover of the diary includes a heavy-duty pocket, providing a secure place to store business cards, loose notes, or other important documents.

Elastic Pen Loop: An elastic pen loop is included, ensuring that you always have a pen or pencil handy when you need to write or make notes.

Elastic Closure: The diary is equipped with an elastic closure, keeping the pages securely closed when not in use, preventing any accidental opening or damage to the pages.

In summary, the A5 PU soft finish diary offers a practical and elegant solution for staying organized throughout the year. With its 2 days per page layout, you have ample space to plan your daily activities and appointments. The heavy-duty back card pocket and ribbon bookmark add convenience and functionality, while the elastic pen loop and closure ensure everything stays in place. This diary is a versatile and timeless tool for professionals, students, or anyone seeking to keep track of their daily tasks and appointments in a stylish and efficient manner.

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